MegaForm is committed to building a strong community by working together to help our clients meet their fitness goals. We are passionate about delivering a balanced and intense workout with a deep knowledge of the body while maintaining a supportive and encouraging experience.

Why MegaForm?

WHY NOT?! MegaForm takes away the hard impact and repetition of many workouts and replaces it with the “time under tension (TUT)” method. Our complex spring resistance MEGAformers create an evolved way of strengthening efficiently with zero impact! You are limitless on this machine. You set YOUR goals, You crush them and then we set more goals building onto your foundation. We design our classes for a full body experience. This class is for everyone. Come experience the environment of growing your confidence, being a goal crushers and inspiring everyone around you! Ready to MEGA? BOOK NOW!

Benifits of a MEGAForm Class

MegaForm class in Eugene Oregon

A stronger core

Weight loss

MegaForm Pilates Class

A longer, leaner physique

Greater endurance

Full MegaForm Class

More physical and mental strength

Confidence and Energy

Mega Babes

A shift in body composition

Better balance and strength